Kids, part 2: Flowers and… scorpions?

Although the Earth Club’s last meeting and celebration was this week, I’ll save writing about that for another day as I have some catching up to do first.  Previously I posted some of the kids’ contributions to the blog, and here are the rest:

What do we do in Earth Club?  Tessa summed it up pretty well:Tessa

Planting was indeed a favorite with many of the club’s members, and Cam and Quinn likewise commented on and drew pictures about this activity.

Cam, on what we’ve been doing:  “We have been planting flowers in the courtyard.”

Quinn, on what he likes best:  “I like planting flowers in the courtyard.”

Cam and Quinn

Bridget and Daniel both chose to contribute artwork to the blog:



In the courtyard, I’ve seen Larry the toad, the nesting mourning dove, and the bit of old beehive, and I’m willing to believe there was a salamander sighting.  But, I’m hoping the connection between  Daniel’s and Izumi’s contributions is just coincidence and imagination, and not based on any reality of the wildlife in the courtyard garden.

Izumi(“Recently, we spread mulch around the yard.  I think the best part about the earth club was when I joked about a scorpion in the mulch, and Abby said, ‘I’m not taking any chances.”)

Sure enough, Abby did NOT mention mulching as a favorite activity:Abby

There you have it from our 12 enthusiastic second graders!  Stay tuned for a final(?) post of the season about our end-of-year celebration.


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