Let’s hear it from the kids (part 1)

The club is making great progress in the courtyard garden!  I did not get a chance to take pictures outside, and anyway maybe we’ll keep it a secret until Family Night in a couple weeks.  Instead, I asked the kids to contribute to the blog with their thoughts and drawings, which I’ll share here and over the next week or two.

The meeting was run by Mrs. Barley, Mrs. Gearhart, and Mrs. O’Connor.

And, the big news for the kids, as shared by Rahaf:  May 9, 2016:  The principal’s daughter is coming.


That’s right – Earth Club was again a family affair, with Mrs. Barley’s two teens coming to lend a hand.

Other students responded to prompts such as why they joined Earth Club, their favorite activities, and what we’ve been working on:

Yua:  [I joined the club] because I like outside and I like nature, planting flowers.



Taylor:  I like Earth Club because I want to help the Earth.  My favorite Earth Club [activity] is planting.  I like to help nature.



Ben:  What we are doing is helping in the courtyard.  We are planting flowers and pulling weeds.  So we can make the earth a better place.



Henry, on what else he likes to do to help the Earth:  I like to recycle stuff because it helps the world.





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